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Pulmononary Medicine

Pulmononary Medicine | Fortune Hospital

any lung diseases, including but not limited to those listed below, are managed and treated by pulmonary and sleep medicine specialists. The services may not be available at all Mayo Clinic sites. When you phone to schedule an appointment, please confirm.
Pulmonary Medicine Department is a tertiary referral centre for pulmonary diseases. In the fields of tuberculosis, asthma, allergies, COPD, lung cancers, and infectious lung disorders, the department has done ground-breaking work that has helped patients.

The department also has advanced pulmonary function testing equipment, such as the FENO, which was introduced in India for the first time to help with asthma management. It also has a fibre optic video bronchoscope for early lung cancer and pneumonia diagnosis.

Pulmononary Medicine | Fortune Hospital

Advanced pulmonary function laboratories with FeNO apparatus and cardiopulmonary pulmonary exercise testing system are available. Also accessible is a high-definition video bronchoscope system. This department also contains the skin prick allergy testing unit.

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